Touch ID not working on iPhone

Touch ID not working on iPhone 5S :-

iPhone 5S users must be searching for the solution how can they rectify their Touch ID issue. Here we are with a solution. Follow the below given information.

1. Delete all the fingerprints registered and have to re-register them. Go to the Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode and type your Passcode. Select all the listed fingerprints and delete them.

2. Go to the Add a Fingerprint and follow the process of adding the fingerprints.  Check whether the Touch ID is working properly or not. If it is not working then follow the below given link to find the exact solution for your Touch ID issue.

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First 10 Inch XOLO WIN Tablet

This XOLO WIN tablet is launched at CES 2014 to target the youth and the professionals people. Lets find out how it would impress the world. 


XOLO WIN tablet runs on Windows Phone 8 operating system and it offers a 10.1 inch HD touchscreen display with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.It is powered with a 1 GHz AMD A4 Elite Mobility processor along with Radeon HD 8180 graphics and has 2 GB of RAM. It has 32 GB internal memory but no clue about external memory. It offer dual camera with 2 megapixel rear and 1 megapixel front facing camera.This device offers 3550 mAh battery life and claims to offer 7 hours of battery backup. It offers Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, G-Sensor and dual speakers .

During the launch Vishal Sehgal ,Director of Lava International Ltd., said, “Providing superior product experience is at the core of Xolo’s proposition to its target customers, hence joining hands with a technology leader like AMD makes perfect sense. With AMD’s unique Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), featuring both a CPU & GPU on a single piece of silicon, we look forward to this strategic partnership to provide the best performance and graphics on mobile devices.”

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LG Fireweb

LG, a well known brand in the global market is going bigger and bigger. LG is coming with its latest smartphones every month and attract the buyers. We know the market is full of awesome smartphones which are trying to change the future of technology. We really have no idea which company is going to win or which one is going to loose. One company launches a latest device and after a few days or so, another company comes with its latest device which makes it a winner in that race.


There are smartphones which are using Android, Windows and other operating system and companies are trying their hand to bring a new operating system to reach another level of competition. Now LG has launched a device named LG fireweb. It has been launched in Brazil with the partnership of Telefonia company. Soon this smartphone will be available in other market. The market value of this phone is Rs. 12700.

In the last few months, LG is targeting the middle class and upper class as well. It has launched a curved smartphone recently and after that Samsung has launched its curved smartphone in the market. LG is trying to reach another level of competition and this smartphone is the reply to its rivals. Lets take a look of this phone.

This smartphone runs Firefox OS 1.1 and  comes with 4-inch HVGA (320×480) TFT display. It is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm processor and offers 4GB of inbuilt storage which can be expanded further with the help of a microSD slot. It packs a 1540mAh battery and offers connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro-USB, 3.5mm audio jack and 3G. The LG fireweb flaunts a 5 megapixel camera with a flash.

During a launch of LG Firefox, Jay Sullivan, COO of Mozilla, said, “We built Firefox OS as part of Mozilla’s mission to put the power of the Web in people’s hands and offer the best Web experience possible. We’re happy to see Firefox OS gain momentum with partners launching new devices in new markets and developers around the world being inspired to innovate. ”  He further added “Our partnership with Telefonica Vivo demonstrates the rich, new experiences offered on Firefox OS by combining the best global and local content with LG’s elegant new device experience.”

We will see if LG can make it big in the global market or what other companies are up to. It is just a starting, we never know what technology is going to come in the future.

Find out more about this device in below given link.

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Upcoming iPhone

Apple always makes news whenever it plans or thinks to launch a new device. Apple always gives priority to the design and the performance. As far as innovation is concerned, Apple is ahead of all other smartphone maker companies. They started using 64 bit processor in their phones which makes it different from other smartphones. Last month apple released its two smartphones: iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. These two phones have already created buzz in the market.


Earlier , Everybody was hoping that Apple would launch a cheaper iPhone. But after revealing the iPhone 5C, Apple had made it clear that it is not going to shed its “premium tag”. Still the iPhone 5C has come with valuable features and in different colors. Apple iPhone is available at Rs. 41900. 

iPhone 5S comes with 4 inch screen with retina display, a dual core processor and 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash.It uses 64 bit A7 chipset makes it faster. But the main USP of this phone is the fingerprint scanner which stores the fingerprints inside the A7 chipset. This phone is available at a price of Rs. 53500. 

iPhone 5C is not able to impress the people as compared to iPhone 5S. Now people are hoping a bigger iPhone. There are many smartphones in the market above 5 inches. People are expecting the same from Apple. Loyal Apple buyers has only one problem and that is the screen size and I think Apple will not betray its loyal customers. 

There are rumors that Apple would launch a new iPhone with big display which can compete with its rivals. Apple might plan to maintain the size up to 5 inches. Apple iPhone 6 is becoming a mystery. iPhone 6 would be the next phone that Apple is looking forward to. There are chances that Apple would come with curved display. However, Samsung and LG has already launched their curved smartphone. iPhone 6 is expected to be released in the 2nd half of next year. So lets wait for next year. We will see if iPhone 6 would meet the people’s expectations or not?? 

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